May 27, 2017

ferris wheelThis week read a non fiction story about Simple Machines. To compliment our unit, we created ferris wheels with the Fab@School Maker Space software. We discovered that a Ferris Wheel uses a wheel and axle and a lever and a fulcrum.  We also practiced reading words with “oi” and “oy.”


max rulerIn science, we are learning about sound vibrations. We created the sounds of a rainstorm by clapping our hands and stomping our feet. We also tried to recreate the sound of a ball bouncing to match an animated ball we created on our computer screen. After trying many different objects, we found that flicking the end of a ruler sounded like a ball bouncing. It was much hard than we thought to match the sound to the animation.

hayden ruler

In math we are practicing our math facts and learning how to tell time to the hour and the half hour.


timeWe also performed our Spring Concert last Friday.


Don’t forget next Friday, June 2, is our field trip to Stony Brook Nature center. Be sure your permission slip has been sent in to the office. Also, please dress your child in long pants and sneakers as we will be walking through the woods. They can bring shorts to change into later if they wish. Also, don’t forget June 9th is Field Day!