April 10, 2017

little bits 1We had such a fun week! We tried some new technology  that we really enjoyed. The first thing we tried were “Little Bits.” These are small electronic building blocks that lets students explore, build and invent. The problem we had to solve was how to connect the blocks to make a flashlight.  Some of the students continued to explore and figured out how to make the flashlights blink!

little bits 2

We also had the opportunity to use “Ozobots.” Ozobots are small smart robots. Students are able to color code the robots.  We block coding with the Bee Bots.  We got to teach our fifth grade reading buddies how to code the Bee Bots this week too.

ozobot 1ozobot 2IMG_3905

This week in reading, we read a story called, “The Lady in the Moon.” It is a story about how children in China celebrate the Moon Festival. We talked about traditions that we celebrate in our families.  We also practiced reading and writing long “i” words and words that began with “kn” and “wr.”


In math, we have been working on place value and adding groups of ten. In some questions, we had to regroup the numbers in order to solve the problem.  In science we have been learning about the moon to go along with our story this week. We will be starting our water unit next week.


One thought on “April 10, 2017

  1. Thank you for the update! Love seeing the activities Zach tells me about and the pictures of the kids together.

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