March 24, 2017


This week in reading, we read a story called, “The Dot,’ by Peter H. Reynolds.  The book inspired us to create our own dots. We drew dots, painted dots, created dots with Kid Pix and with the 3Doodler 3D pen. Our favorite dot inspiration came when we discovered that we could transform our “dots” into cylinders with the Fab@School Maker Studio software.


We also practiced reading and writing long “e” words and learned what an adjective was.  In math we are continuing to work with the hundred’s chart. We compared numbers with greater than and less than symbols and ordered numbers from least to greatest.


In science, we were visited by a marine biologist. We learned all about ocean animals that live in the North Atlantic Ocean. We got to see some live animals as well.


We were also visited by some students from the Norfolk Agricultural School. The students taught the first graders about planting.  We planted lettuce in small containers and we will transplant them in the ground when the weather gets warmer.




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