April 11, 2016

time 2

This week in reading, we have read a story called, “The Lady in the Moon.” It was about a festival that children celebrate in China. We talked about different holidays that we celebrate in class too.  We practiced reading and writing words with “oo”  and using adjectives.

measure 1

In math we have been learning about time to the hour and half hour and measurement. We practiced measuring  with inches and centimeters.

time 1

We have been working with “Pow Toons” with our chromebooks.  “Pow Toons” is an animation program. Since we are learning about beginning, middle and end, we created three slides and connected them with different transitions. When we play the slides together, we created an animation that tells a story with a beginning, middle and end.

beebot 1

We have also been creating our own mazes with Bee Bots with our 4th grade reading buddies. Then we have to program the Bee Bot to find it’s way through the maze. The students did an amazing job!