February 5, 2016

school committee

What an exciting couple of weeks! We were so excited to be recognized at last week’s school committee meeting.  If you didn’t record it, Walpole Media TV has an On Demand section, but it has not been posted yet. I will provide the link when it is.

We also learned how to create a folder on the chrome books. Now we can put our google docs in our folder to keep them organized!


This week in reading, we read a story called, “Jan’s New Home.” We worked on compound words, plurals and recognizing when ‘Y’ is a vowel. We learned that when “Y” is a vowel, it can make a long “I” sound or a long “E” sound.



In math, we have been doing a lot of counting!  We started by adding number to 10 until we got to 20.  We also added numbers to 10 and then added or subtracted 1 or 2.   We have been looking for patterns on the 100’s chart and are skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. This week we began learning about place value. We can show a number with base ten blocks using a tens and ones chart.

I hope everybody is enjoying their snow day! Don’t forget next week is 100’s day (Wednesday) and we will be celebrating Valentines Day on Friday!