January 17, 2016


This week in reading, we read a story called, “Honey Bees.” It was a non-fiction book, so we learned a lot about the life of a honey bee.  We practiced reading and writing words with the long “e” sound and identifying nouns. We know that a noun is a person, place or thing.



In math, we have been working with fact families. We learned that with a fact family, we can make two addition sentences and two subtraction sentences using the same three numbers. This can help us add or subtract.  We played many games matching fact family facts, including one with the Bee Bots.


We started using “Google Classroom” this week on our chromebooks.  I can post a question to all the children or an assignment that the children can complete when they log into their Google account. The students don’t have to access their accounts from home, but if they want to, make sure you’re using  Chrome as a browser and log into “google” with their email and their password.


We read a story and talked about the life of civil rights leader Martin Luther King this week. We talked about his famous speech and the  dreams that we have for America.


Next week, we will be starting spelling tests! Every Monday, the students will get a pre-test of the spelling words. Students will bring the list home on Monday to prepare for the test on Friday. If they are already proficient with the list, they will get a list of challenge words. The students will also be responsible for learning how to spell a sentence with the spelling words that will be tested on Friday as well. This week it will begin on Tuesday.