November 20, 2015


IMG_2638Happy Tie Day everyone!

This week in reading, we read a story called, “A Big Fish For Max,” by Rosemary Wells. We read and wrote many words with the “sh” and “th” sound.  We learned about words that have an “all” sound in it like “mall” and “wall.”  The “a” makes an “o” sound in those words. We also talked about finding the main idea of a story.


In math, we have been learning many different strategies for addition and subtraction.  Knowing our doubles facts helps us work faster and also helps us find the answer for doubles plus one or two. For example, if we know that 4+4=8 , then 4+5 must equal one more, which is 9.  We have making number sentences with ten frames. If we model a number sentence like 6+2=8 on the the ten frame,  then we can see how many more we need to make 10, so then 8+2=10.



In science, we began our water journal. We talked about why water is so important, where we can find it, who lives in it and how people affect it.

We also learned how to create a google doc on the chrome books this week.

fire 3

We were visited by the Walpole Firefighters today! Guess who got to dress up in the fire fighters uniform? Who knew it weighed so much! We learned many fire safety rules like never playing with matches or lighters, when to call 911, Stop, Drop and Roll if your clothes are on fire, and to make sure your family has a meeting place outside in case your house has a fire.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)Mrs. Wolff