October 30, 2015

Halloween class

Happy Halloween! We had so much fun today at our Halloween Parade and craft party! Thank you to all the awesome parents that came in to help make our day so special!

Mr. D and the shark1

We did have a shark sighting, but we were lucky that Mr. Dearborn the Lifeguard was there to protect us!


This week in reading, we read a non-fiction story called, “The Fox and The Kit.” We practiced adding “s” and “ing” to action words. For example, “nap” becomes “naps” and “jump” becomes “jumping.”  We are also learning to identify the main idea of a story.


This week in math, we practiced counting to ten with ten frames. We modeled numbers with counters in our ten frames and then figured out how many more counters we need to make ten. We also made addition and subtraction sentences to match our ten frame models.  We learned a new math practice that reminds us to choose the right tool to solve our math problem. Have fun tomorrow night and stay safe! 🙂 Mrs. Wolff


October 9, 2015





This week in reading, we read a story called, “Sam, Come Back.” We practiced reading and writing words with the short a sound like “cat” and “cap.” When the a is followed by an “m” or and “n”, the “a” makes a different sound like in the words “fan,” and “man.” We also learned the if there is a “ck” sound at the end of a word, it is always spelled with a “ck” , like “Jack” and “pack.”


This week in math, we have been finding the missing parts of 6, 7, 8 and 9. We learned that we start with the whole part, subtract the part we know and then we find out the missing part. We are also starting to learn about math practices. We have been talking a lot about Math Practice #1. We know that we have figure out what the problem is asking us, choose a strategy and most importantly, don’t give up!


In social studies, we have been reading about Christopher Columbus. We know that he took three ships to find a new trade route to India, but actually landed in the Bahamas.