September 25, 2015


This week in social studies, we have been learning about Johnny Appleseed.

In reading, we read a story called, “Skip To My Lou.”  We are still reviewing consonant sounds and sight words.


We learned two new applications with Chrome books this week. We used “Build with Chrome” which is a virtual lego activity and we played “Kahoot” which is a game where we review what we’ve learned this week. This week our game was about beginning sounds. In the computer lab, we created 3-D self portraits.  We also started using Bee Bots. These are small “robot-like” computers that we code to make the Bee Bot move.


This week in math we have been looking for spatial patterns for numbers one through ten. We’ve also  been joining two parts to make a whole up to ten. We learned that the numbers we add are called addends and the answer to an addition problem is called the sum.  Also, We can add addition sentences in a different order which is called “turn-around facts.” For example. If 1+3=4, then 3+1=4.


In science this week, we adopted a tree and named it the Pa”tree”ots tree. We will be watching our tree all year and recording our observations during the different seasons in our tree journal.

It was great to meet everyone at Open House last night!

🙂 Mrs. Wolff


September 11, 2015

First Grade Goals!


What a great start to first grade! We read a story called “One Gorilla,” by Atsuko Morozumi. It is a counting book about all of Gorilla’s favorite things.


We have been reviewing counting in math. We counted links and made a chain that went all the way around the room!


This week we were also introduced to chrome books. We used an app called “Padlet.” It is like a real time bulletin board where we all shared something we did this summer. Everyone’s post allowed everyone to participate and let to some great discussions.


In science, we began our tree unit. All year we will be learning about trees. We will adopt a tree soon and watch through all the seasons. We will record our observations in our tree journals.


All year we will be posting blog entries. Please feel free to add comments! Thanks! Mrs. Wolff 🙂