May 22, 2015


This week in reading, we read a story called “Dot and Jabber.”  It was a mystery about two mice that were trying to figure out how an acorn traveled across the meadow. Any guesses?? A squirrel carried it! We practiced reading words with “oo” sound like “moon” and “book.” We also read and wrote words that drop the “e” before adding an ending. For example, if we are changing the word “close” to “closing,” we have to drop the “e.”


Thank you to Mrs. Kaselis, Mrs. McCarthy and Mrs. Campbell for coming in to teach us about Matisse. The students created wonderful Matisse inspired art.


In math we have been sorting shapes and solids. We learned to recognize and count flat surfaces and vertices.


In social studies, we discussed different kinds of transportation and communication now and in the past.  We also worked in our weather unit this week. We compared different kids of wind and drew pictures in our journals.  Congratulation to all the students for an outstanding job at the Spring Concert last night!


May 10, 2015


Happy Mother’s Day!

This week we were visited by The Discovery Museum and we learned all about bubbles!!! Did you know that it doesn’t matter what the shape of the bubble wand is, the bubble will always be a sphere!  If you go to Shutterfly, you can see all of our cool bubble pictures.


This week in reading we read a story called, “Tippy Toe, Chick Go!”.  It was about a little chick who tricked the dog so he could get into the garden.  We practiced reading and writing words with the “oo” sound and the “ou” sound.  We also worked with words that end with “le,”  like the word “simple.”


In math, we are learning about geometry. We can identify the property of plane shapes and can use them to make different shapes.


In social studies we have been learning the difference between history, the past, present and the future.  We also compared what schools look like now and what they looked like in the past.


In science we have been talking about oceans. We discussed different adaptations for some ocean animals. Don’t forget May 21st is our First Grade Concert at 6:30. We hope to see you there!