January 23, 2015


This week in reading we read a story called, “An Egg is an Egg.” It is about story about things that change and things that don’t.  We practiced reading words that ended with “y”. We learned that sometimes the “y” makes a long “i” sound and sometimes it makes a long “e” sound. For example, in the word “puppy”, the “y” sounds like an “e”. In the word “sky”, the “y” sounds like an “i”.  We have also been identifying nouns and verbs.


In math, we have been counting with the hundreds chart. We are looking for patterns and counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

We are counting larger numbers by finding the groups of ten and then adding the leftover numbers.


We were visited by two Walpole Firefights this week.  We talked about fire safety rules and what to do if you see a fire. In this picture, the students are learning that if their is smoke in the room, you have to crawl under it to get the cleanest air.


Our really exciting news is that we have been computer coding in first grade! We have been programming Bee Bots to make it’s way through all kinds patterns. Not only are they coding the Bee Bot, but they are learning about sequencing and problem solving as well. As we continue through the year, the children will be entering more creative and complex command sequences into the Bee Bots. There is a free app called Bee Bots if you are interested.